Game making

Hey I was just wondering what people here think would be the best code to make a game with.

They teach C++ at Digipen as the basis for solid game programing, that should be a hint.

Gemini: There are some people on the Internet that make games out of Java Applets, but from what I’ve heard, it’s really hard to do it (I only took one year of Java, and the teacher didn’t know what he was doing, so he had to learn the content with us.)

Depends on what kinda game you’re making.

Are you talking about serious game making? Like for a console and/or being in a professional development company? Or are you talking about RPGMaker style game making where you just have to point and click to make your game?

welcome to the staff btw, hellhawk.

Use RPG Maker for real simple RPG games or even platform if you know how to do it, or just follow Java or C++.

C/C++ but i’ve heard of some companies using Python lately. So maybe python too.

I might hafta check Python out, in that case … of course, I’ll probably stick to just “game makers.”

I don’t know anything beyond the RPG Maker 1/2