Game Help: Sonic 3

I’ve been playing some of the classic Sonic games on Gens, currently Sonic 3. I’m stuck in an area. I’m in Carnival Night Zone, Act 2, and I’m stuck right here.

I can’t figure out how to advance. Can anyone offer some assistance?

Get on the thing that goes up and down when you jump on it. Just press up and down, and it will do the same. I got stuck on this too, since I thought you had to jump.

Thank you very much! I was jumping too.

This had me tricked years ago, and it took me a few years to figure it out >:(

We didnt have this internet thing back then, see.

Man, I knew this would be what you needed help on as soon as I saw “Help” and “Sonic 3” together. That thing pissed me off for the longest time.

Casino Night is Sonic 2.

Carnival Night is Sonic 3.

Oops. Meant to put that. >_>;

Hahah oh man i hated that area. I think everyone gets stuck on those things at least once before they figure it out.

My copy of Sonic Mega Collection Plus came a few days ago. Playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles on a big TV is glorious.

I don’t even remember how long that damn thing kept me stuck. There was a time when me and a friend of mine (He played Tails) would come to my house every day and try to beat the game… from zero every time since we didn’t understand the concept of SAVING. My mother thought we had gone nuts when we got through that elevator at last, given the way we were shouting and cheering >_>

…damnit, now I want to fish out my Genesis.

I remember getting stuck here with my Dad back in the day. I knew you’d be stuck there, it’s the only place you can get stuck in the whole game.

Ah, the elevator, still flummoxing gamers eleven years on. :slight_smile:

…Now I want to try to complete Sonic 3 in under 45 minutes again. :-/