Game Boy SaGa OST Re-release

Well, All Sounds of SaGa is being re-released, as SaGa: Compilation.

It sounds like the exact same thing; even ASOS had a “bonus” track, so I doubt it’ll be anything new. Still, this is cool, cos ASOS was a killer hard find. It’ll be at least findable now. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great news, even tho I knew of it two weeks ago, but never got around to posting <<

Well… this OST, like many other early Square soundtracks will lose their value quickly as how things are going, nothing will be rare anymore << >>

Nah, it’s not a straight up re-release, so I imagine it’s not gonna detract from the value of the original pressing.

Now tha’s certainly good news if you ask me. Now all we need is a release of SaGa Frontier. And I need to suddenly become rich. Searches for souls to sell on Ebay