Galaxy Express

Where can I find both movies on DVD?
Ebay and Amazon only have them on VHS,and my VCR eats tapes.

They have epsidoes on

Also they have a manga but it really doesnt make much sense at all, like it was the sequel to something and i was coming in on it

Well I am not really to fond of Manga.
10 dollars for a comic book I can read in one day for chist sakes! :thud:

Well I cant find in any store ebay and google ony have it on VHS i found some good DVDs of the movies but they were untranslated and region 3.
and you need a credit card,which I dont have.

Ebay and Amazon have eposide sets 1 and 2 on DVD and they will take
money order and paypal. :biggrin:

NO, you just go to a place where they let you read manga, and just read. They do that in japan also

Well you can do that at a Hasings Book/Music/Movie/novelty shirt/misc. store but they dont have GE999 :toast:
I guess I will just buy the VHS untill I find the DVD :runaway:

I’m not sure if they have any copies anymore, but I got mine their a while ago. If all else fails, DON’T check ebay because you already checked there…

Isaid I checked there and all they have are VHS you thickhead :fungah:
:booster: :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :suckah:

and only takes Credit Cards

I didn’t say anything.