No need for a specific law to address the issue? I think this is the dawning of whether or not the indecent exposure law needs to be amended to include shirtless men or stricken of breasts altogether.

BWA HA HA.! Oh, this is just rich. Technically they weren’t doing anything illegal since they’re male and it isn’t prohibited to show your bare chest in the beach if you’re male? HAR! Not to mention, I’ve seen some perfectly normal guys at the beach who should NEVER remove their shirts in public. :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if anybody lusted after them not knowing what they really were? Oh ho ho. (Kinda dumb in their part tho- did they think they wouldn’t get in trouble? Or was that an intentional demonstration?)

I think they were just twisting the law to suit themselves.

“Why no officer, we’re not revealing our breasts. We’re actually men and everyone knows men don’t have breasts.”

Now I’m wondering where hermaphrodites stand according to the law?

THis smells of flaunting the law in it’s face to me. But I do have to admit, I honestly don’t think seeing a man with boobs would be quite as indecent as the old man in the banana hammock.


More beaches should be topless. With clearly defined and set rules that must be enforced.

I wonder which bathroom it uses.

If they want to be treated as women then they should be prosecuted as such by the law.

If they want to be treated as surgery-happy weirdos then they should not be prosecuted by the law.

It’s almost the same as going into a store without pants when the sign explicitly claims no shirt, no shoes.