G Gundam - Drugs or Alcohol?

I simply ask you this… were the creators HIGH or DRUNK when they came up with this pile of dogshit?

My reasons are very simple…

Jester Gundam

ZEBRA Gundam

Viking Gundam

There are many more… terrible terrible things… But I cannot bare to watch this disgrace any longer. Can someone explain this? :fungah:

Probably drugs. I used to watch G Gundam while hallucinating. Fun Times. though without drugs, it sucks.

It’s been too long since I last watched G Gundam. I don’t recall seeing any of these Gundams in it… 'specially the ZEBRA one. o_O

G GUNDAM was really POWER RANGERS disguised as a Gundam series.

But I LIKE PR, so I liked G Gundam too! :biggrin:

(I can understand why fans of true Gundam series would be annoyed, tho.) Then again, old G fans were annoyed by the Angsty Teenager stuff that passed itself off as Gundam later on (Gundam Wing, etc.) The REAL Gundam series was a well-written Science Fiction drama.

With Giant Robots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes… I have heard the question ‘what were these guys on?’ many a time I’ve watched anime. Eventually, Golbez and I came up with the perfect explanation using a combination of both suggestions: Lysergic Sake.

High, If they were drunk they wouldn’t be able to draw correctly.

You’d be amazed what some people can do when they’re smashed. :hahaha;

You obivously haven’t seen Holland’s Gundam yet.

Here it is.

o…m…g… windmill gundam!!!


G Gundam was what they came up with when they said “Hey, Dragonball Z is popular and Gundam is popular! So let’s mix 'em together and it’ll be great!”

And it was.

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
[i]It’s burning grip tells me to defeat you![/i]


I think I’m offended by Holland’s Gundam o_O Distinct lack of pot and hookers.

What do you think the pilot was doing all that time while he was hiding as a windmill?

Canada’s gundam was also damn ugly, but I think that one was in Victory Gundam.

Nobel Gundam looks waaay too much like Sailor Moon to me. And what about Mexico’s Gundam?

The series is so fun to parody, though. I like how it doesn’t seem to take itself as seriously as some of the others.

He waits for G Gundam to Shining Finger him… <_<

G Gundam is just weird, plain and simple. And so are most of its Gundams, although there are a few cool ones. :cool:

I can’t believe i used to watch this D:

I never really got myself to watch G Gundam…it felt like it deviated too much from the feel of traditional gundam, what with the military and wars and earth/space conflict. Seeing some of those gundam designs now, I think I made a good choice… >_>