00 01 05 02 08 03 0C 04 0D 05 10 06 0E 07 11 09 16 0A 14 0B 17 0C 11 0D 18 0E 1B 0F 1F 10 21 11 1A 12 26 13 18 14 1E 16 29 17 0C 18 2B 1C 2D 00

Look familiar?

00: Slash
->01: StunSlash (5)
->02: DoubleSlash (8)
->03: HardSlash (12)
->04: Thrust (13)
->05: CrossSlash (16)
->06: Smash (14)
->07: SwallowSwing (17)
->09: Heaven/Hell (22)
->0A: WheelSlash (20)
->0B: WillowBranch (23)
->0C: Deflect (17)
->0D: BearCrush (24)
->0E: DeadEnd (27)
->0F: HeadWind (31)
->10: TripleThrust (33)
->11: Kasumi (26)
->12: NoMoment (38)
->13: GaleSlash (24)
->14: 2GaleSlash (30)
->16: TurbidCurrent (41)
->17: CrossDeflect (12)
->18: RisingNova (43)
->1C: LifeSprinkler (45)

How about now? Starts at E068 in the PS-EXE. :hahaha;

This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

These should come with “plain english” instructions :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I was uber-$&#*##-up last night, knee was absolutely KILLING me. :stuck_out_tongue:

01 05
02 08
03 0C
04 0D
05 10
06 0E
07 11
09 16
0A 14
0B 17
0C 11
0D 18
0E 1B
0F 1F
10 21
11 1A
12 26
13 18
14 1E
16 29
17 0C
18 2B
1C 2D

Meaning: 00 is the value for Slash. Then 01 is the value for StunSlash, and 05 is the difficulty of learning StunSlash from Slash. This carries on, presumably until it hits another 00, which tells it, “We’re done with this block, and now we’re moving to another one.”

Like I said on the GFAQs board we DO already have this data, but it’s interesting to know EXACTLY where it came from. I’ve never had doubts about those findings, mind you, it’s just that now we know that block of data isn’t used for something else. Narrowing the field down, if you will.

Aaaaand I just took some fairly stout cough syrup/decongestant stuff that tasted like grape Kool-aid mixed with liquefied rancid ass, so if this makes no sense a’tall let me know and I’ll try to pull something slightly less stupid outta my cognitive functions. :thud:

RAM address 2D868: where this table is copied to.

Fiddled with it a bit, made it super-easy to learn LifeSprinkler off of Slash in a very early Blue game, but the RNG foiled me, apparently. Then made it easier to learn it off of ShadowCounter (changed difficulty to 01) and learned it fighting a Lamia, first swing. I haven’t repeated the test enough to call it conclusive, but also it seems like weapon quality and/or your own stats influence tech learning in some way. Or perhaps the ‘battle counter’, or something.

I really need to just break down and take a debugger to this, but IIRC pSX has some breakpoint issues. :confused:

i think there’s another pSX exe out there, specifically for people like us.
one is psxfin.exe, the other’s psxrel.exe

I’ve got both, actually (apparently O_o) so I’ll give 'em both a shot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering for a WHILE why I had both of those. I didn’t play with them enough to see a functional difference (other than the fact that I played Chrono Cross on SOMETHING, then neither of those would even TRY to load it. Wasn’t ePSXe that I first played it on, because THAT had issues, to. But I did finally get that working…ish…I think my discs are kinda scratched. Throws a ‘could not read from CD’ error when I try to enter Home’s Hydra Marsh. >_<) but I’ll back and check that.

Don’tcha LOVE making parentheticals longer than the rest of the text? My English teacher would probably slap me for doing that.

I probably wouldn’t mind. ;x

hot english teacher = win… unless your a masochist and you’re english teacher is a 300 lb asthmatic bearded gulf war vet. then you’re on your own.

Wait…what if only ONE of those applies?

which one?

Well my English teacher fits absolutely none of the description above. ;s

hey, what are we doing? it seems that without it’s core group of fanatics, everything just stops.

I’m actually working on my Blue save presently, and poking around abilities and whatnot in the meantime, seeing if anything starts making sense.

so hows blue doing? once i finish lute, i’ll be in 2nd Div for the… 4th time? i just hope my memory card doesn’t crap out on me. it likes to do that when i have 5 or more save files. but, hey, i have a dexdrive (YES!), so no problems.

who here has a dexdrive?

I’m not that cool. And seminar/school got in the way of Blue… -_-;; so I’m still working on that.

how do you make a .gif? i wanna make a region map animation. if we ever make a dedicated SaGa site, lets put together a navigations scheme based on the region map.

That would be awesome!!! I use a program called UnFREEz myself, there may be other alternatives.

I’m working on the Disk Map off and on, and I made a Forum!
… only I don’t know what to do with it lawl.