Is a good show. I just watched the episode where they go to Roswell. It was very good. Very gunny. However I do not need to see the episode where Bender turns into a car and kills people. And I do not need to see the episode with the Brains. I dont need the episode with the ball planet. I dont need to see the episode where OH This is a good episode. BRB


We need the new damn shows at are supposedly “already made.”

And the movie.


I concur for myself and the next three people to post as well.

If Family Guy can do it. Why not Futurama?

Btw, does anyone else read the comics?

Comics are not funny. I have read Simpsons comics. Not funny at all without the voices.

Eh … I personally am pretty good at imagining the voices, I guess. Plus the one in particular I’m thinking of had a few one-shot semi-hidden that you just feel awesome for getting, such as a bit in the corner of one panel with Bart and Jessica Lovejoy exchanging hittings-on …

Originally Posted by Charlemagne
Comics are not funny. I have read Simpsons comics. Not funny at all without the voices.

Reguardless of whether the Simpsons’ Comic is funny or not. It’s the only non-Al Gore fuled, enviromental message Futurama thing coming out right now.

And I’ll take what I can get.

It’s a great show, and I’m glad that CC picked it up. Bender Bending Rodriguez is my hero.

It’s great that new episodes are coming, I missed Futurama

All glory to the Hypno Toad. :smiley:

The Professor is a true role model.

You’ve wathed it!! You can’t unwatch it!! Stay tuned for more TALES OF INTEREST!!!

And also Futurama.

I believe the new episodes are due in 2008.

I waited for you, Fry. ;_;

So, by the process of elimination, we can see that the electron tastes like gravy.

Also, why the hate for the big brain? WHY?

Bender- “Then please let me explain, my quads were merely boyish pranks.”

The Devil- “You stole from boy scouts nuns and banks!”

I loved Futurama. I don’t watch it much anymore though.

It’s good to see so many Futurama fanatics here. I love Futurama too. Or should I say, wuv.


Oh, there shall be new episodes? How cool. I really enjoy futurama, it has always been entertaining and the jokes tend to go over my little brothers head so I can get away with watching it with him in the vicinity.

I’ll join in on the quote fest.

BENDER: What’s wrong with you people? I don’t see anyone kissing MY ass!
ZOIDBERG: Allright, I’m coming!

This is fun. Now with sound.

It had like a remixed theme song. It’s just at the begining right now, so I cannot be sure.

EDIT: I do not like the black child, nor the white child.

EDIT: No, wait, I saw this episode.

EDIT: This is one of the worst episodes of all time. The one where Bender joins ALL MY CIRCUITS.