Funny how a losing horse can be so popular.

Hey, if a horse can be so popular from losing so much, maybe I still have hope!

I feel sorry for the horse.
Maybe she just wants out? And yet, when all she does is lose, those bastards keep her running. Again and again, and always around those blasted boring racetracks.
Poor horse.

How do you know the horse doesn’t like it?

Usually when a horse reaches age 3 or 4 they are retired i think, the article said the horse was 8 years old, so maybe thats why. The horse is trained early to run fast, and maybe often at that, i doubt they would like it but i’m not a horse.

Do you enjoy running around in circles carrying some bloke on your back, and all just to get some blasted hay?

I don’t think Steve is the right person to ask that question Nul.

Good point.
Just pretend I didn’t.