FUNimation cancels One Piece Simulcast due to leak

Other One Piece fans on this forum (or am I the only one here? :P) might have heard of FUNimation’s plans to start ‘simulcasting’ the show. They were going to air, for free, fully subtitled episodes of the series ONE HOUR after they air in Japan instead of days later which is normally the case for most streams. The fact that there is a HUGE gap between the released dubbed episodes and the current broadcast in Japan meant that this was really something for the fans of the show. Episode 403, which would have been the first simulcasted episode, is in the middle (or rather, near the end) of a fairly important arc and anyone who hasn’t followed the series completely would have a hard time figuring out what was going on. So really, this was something FUNimation obviously planned to do to try and combat online fan subtitlers without alienating the very fans they’re trying to attract.

And then someone goes and screws it all up.

Yesterday a leak of episode 403, stolen from FUNi’s servers somehow, hit the internet well over a day it was supposed to be broadcast in Japan. I imagine Toei animation and Fuji Tv were livid, but the bigger thing here is that FUNimation has canceled its simulcast of One Piece. Hopefully just for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s funny that a lot of fans say they only get fansubs because the episodes just aren’t available otherwise. And here comes an attempt to actually MAKE them available, virtually immediately no less, but that’s not good enough.

I really think the culture of entitlement among many fandoms is a huge problem. This has always been the case, but now it’s just more obvious. Sure, I watch fansubs, but I buy the legit product when I can (I’ve certainly been buying FUNi’s OP releases) and I’ve long abandoned ‘hording’ episodes. But still, I do all this with the knowledge that the service of fansubs could be taken away at any point for legal reasons, and I wouldn’t complain about it when that happens.

It’s just a shame that an honest effort by a major localizer to reach out to fans who have grown accustomed to immediate and free episodes is essentially spat upon by people who think it’s still not good enough. Honestly, I was looking forward to checking the official site every week for the new episode, I really hope this doesn’t stop it for good. But realistically it is probably Toei Animation’s call now, if they think they can’t trust FUNimation to securely simulcast the series now it’s probably gone for good.

Damn. And here I was actually thinking about looking into this (granted I only heard about this yesterday so I hadn’t gotten too stoked yet but this still grinds my gears of war). I really hope this doesn’t affect other free Funimation broadcasts like FMA:B.

So, pirates have stolen one piece? :stuck_out_tongue:
From what I’ve read, security for the video files was none at all, seems like the episode was laying around on public webservers before the release, all they did was change the filename to hide it, and Funi did this kind of thing before. Let’s see if they can overhaul the security system and get another chance with Toei, because expecting people to stop downloading won’t happen, no matter how wrong it may be.

It was a screw up on their end too, yeah. But reading a lot of the comments on various fan communities is pretty irritating. As I mentioned in the first post there’s a real sense of entitlement among them, and many just don’t care that they shouldn’t have been watching the episode. Many more were just attacking FUNimation just for their dub (which is unfair, because honestly their new dub of OP is pretty good).

Either way, FUNimation needs to overhaul their streaming service, which is what they seem to be doing right now. I just hope that their simulcast isn’t axed.

The simulcast actually sounds like pretty cool idea. Shame it got leaked though. Kinda wish more companies would do that for shows that are popular, but would never make it over to the States.

Might have to look into this (somehow…it’s been a bit since I last saw One Piece). Been looking for something to watch since I finished Gundam 00 S2.

Where did you leave off? Because long series is looooooooong. You could always check out One Manga and read up on it to where the series is now.


The Simulcast is back on track. It will start airing episodes an hour after they broadcast in Japan starting with episode 415 on the 29th.

As well, for the week leading up to it they’ll put three episodes a night, starting with episodes 391-393 on the 21st. Episode 391 marked the start of a new arc, so even though long series is long, at least they won’t be jumping in the middle of a plot.

If you were interested in the series at all, give it a look.