Fun with anti-virus!

… well, not much fun to be had and you don’t really want excitement when it comes to anti-virus since that probably means something is going wrong.

Anyway. I’ve used Avast for a couple of years and felt that it’s served me well. With the new computer I got a trial and a usable license key for F-secure, and I’ve been letting it chug along since. The trial is about to expire and I was going to let it and just use Avast. However, today F-secure started hollering about and saying that it was an eeevil place full of eeevil things, where eeevil things happen. Avast, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to think so. It makes me a bit paranoid of course, though I don’t know if I believe to really be an eeevil site (I suspect a bad ad. Possibly they got hacked, who knows).

So… activate product key and let F-secure work, or sail off with the legal pirates? I’ve always heard good things about Avast, but then again, it was a while since when I think about it. What do you guys think?

For years, I used McAfee. Then I found out they weren’t worth a shit, so I started using Avira, which for the most part, is pretty good. Granted, I can’t comment on sites being blocked and other such mess, since I’m overly paranoid about shit getting into my computer. I have a pretty layered defense, so most normal stuff you’d come across wouldn’t make its way in.

Anyways, go with whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ve heard Avast isn’t that bad. Never heard of F-secure. Avira works well (save for the annoying pop-up that comes up every time it updates, but you can get rid of that).

Heh, that reminds me of my early days with my computer, when I installed something called Cyber-Sentinel thinking it was an anti-virus (it was part of a set of CDs that my sister got with purchase of her computer); it turned out it was a program to keep children from seeing “naughty” stuff online. And it refused to allow me to do things like reading Manga online (even if it was stuff like Pokemon!!) It would not uninstall easily, either. I had to ask help here to find how to get rid of it.

As for Avast, I’m in a similar position since the trial copy I uploaded after my recent reformatting is now up, as well; I’m still deciding if I should get the permanent version or if I should look for a free one. It worked fine, but I had used others before that worked just as well (until I started downloading music illegally anyway, heh. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Never heard of F-secure. I suggest you google it up and check out if its more reliable than Avast.

In any case, make sure you have anti-spyware in case you do get a virus. My favorite is Spybot, it almost always found stuff others didn’t. Though for some reason it’s veeeery slow (in my computer anyway).

There’s probably nothing wrong with F-Secure, but I’m really not sure if it’s worth paying to use when you have things like Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. I take it you’re on F-Secure Internet Security? ( That’d explain why it’s taken to filtering webpages and not simply deal with viruses. )