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Good to know that when I come off agressive in my first impressions, like I always do, it will never change. Which it probably wouldn’t anyway, since I pretty much never stop being hostile. But good to know my efforts matter right from the start.

Erm, yeah. First you trust them and then they mug you in your sleep.

Well, this is both good and bad for me, since it means for the people I make a good impression in the beginning I can continually fuck up and aggravate them etc. and the first impression stands, while on the other hand, those I make a bad impression on… but who cares about them?

First impressions are pretty accurate, though. Its only when you obsess about something that you start dumping a bunch of shit on it that it gradually becomes more a part of your own tortured psyche than anything resembling reality. Err… I’m not the only one who does that, right? awkward silence

BTW perhaps this explains why supposedly girls stay with assholes, and guys stay with bitches, etc.(course, I wouldn’t really know anything about that…)

No, explains more about relationships. I love that site.

Weird. Some of the things seem wrong though, since sometimes I have shown interest in women and they seemed to like it. Course, like I said, I know little about this shit.

Also, it says women like unemployed alcoholics. Why wasn’t I told this sooner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m too fucking weird to be categorized as outlaw or intellectual whore.

Wasn’t that in someone’s sig, with a message urging to visit the site?

That’s a funny website but I don’t buy it 100%. It’s just one person’s perspective.

As for the first impressions is correct thing… I’d imagine that is true. To a degree.