Full Metal Alchemist: The Movie

Just saw the trailer for it. The subtitle was Shambala’s Conqueror. You see Alphonse, again in the armor, and some dude with a mask. Then you see Edward, with his red coat, performing alchemy, and the trailer ends there.

The trailer made me ask more questions.

there’s a movie??



It’s not much of a trailer. It’s barely even a teaser.

STILL haven’t seen FMA, now I MUST see it.

bah… ;_; wish they’d make more but I guess sometimes the smaller the images makes it more intriging.

Whaaaat? Wow. Yeah. You must.

Dang, must find a way to see the movie ASAP.

Movies always leave me dissappointed in regards to how good the seires was to make we wanna go see the movie. except the gits movie. cuz I saw the frist one ten saw the series then the second one so it was worth it. But with your description of whatever you saw in regards to trailer it means that they are storytelling about something that happened during the series most likely and if thats the case it wont be providing the “ed gets back to al and everything is happy.” type thing so just a few words of warning from me.

You are not Miss that much if you are going to watch it see it in japans sub much beter the us Version Ed sound like a Boy going throw Mp and All is ok but he sound to much like a Kid for my Taste


/me needs to finish FMA sometime

Ok, I’ve seen FMA…finally. Now want to see movie REALLY badly.

English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

the only thing i don’t like is that the last 10 episodes of the series made it so this movie can do [u]anything!!!


Gonna have to see that.