Fuck, I thought crazy people didn't go to college

Some wack job tore through a Montreal college with a semi automatic rifle.


Any montreal people wanna comment?

You thought crazy people didn’t go to college? Have you ever been to a college?

I second Cid’s reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember my first week of college, some girl started hitting on me. Her friend, who was HUGE told me that he’s snipped car brakes, ripped off people’s dicks, et et cetera. The thing is, I know the difference between pure intimidation and truth, and this guy was telling the fucking truth. I stayed away from her.

Man Roun, I had like the same thing happen. Except for the girl hitting on me. >.>

Yes, it’s sad. (And I’m of course talking about this thread’s initial topic, not Roun or Cala’s psycho-easy-bitches stories. ;P)

At least, the authorities and medical assistance reacted much more quickly than, let’s say, back in 1989 at the Polytechnique. One of my teachers was studying there when it happened and he had time to go in, go out and come back inside the building while the guy was shooting down the girls before the police came in.

Anyway, we get specific warnings every time a suspicious character lurks inside the faculty building (unsurprisingly, considering it’s a public university located in downtown Montreal), but I don’t think anything will change, security-related, after yesterday’s incident. And I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’m just stating.

Don’t tell Michael Moore.

Lol! Ain’t that the fuckin’ truth?

I wish I had psycho-easy bitches. It’d my my life more bearable. Instead I have high-class drama queens. :confused:

Thats nuts. Wow.

Man , you people are all so over-reacting. There are school shootings every year all over north america.

Aside from that, one of my profs was called out of class to go assist with the medical care, which was interesting. It happened less than a mile from McGill too.

I don’t think the guy’s profile means much because there are thousands of people just like this guy that won’t go out and shoot people. What made him snap, shrugs. And yeah, there are plenty of severely fucked up people of ALL kinds at college.

Overall, I find most people’s reactions to be the same irritating faux-shock.

There’s a difference between a shooting taking place in a school and the outright invasions this and Columbine are examples of.

thinks of about 6 months ago when a grad student down the road at UNC drove his SUV in to a popular courtyard/student gathering area and mowed some ppl down

Of course crazy people go to college. I am one.

I agree completely with this. I don’t see what the point of saying his hobbies were, all it’s going to do is get people to point the blame finger at various things, in this case vampires, music, video games, and dark clothing. Blah.
What’s really to blame might not be something the guy could have helped at all. He could have had some sort of psychological disorder, infact that’s kind of a given seeing what he did. People with extreme perspectives do extreme actions, and this is a good example of that.

Unfortunately I expected a post exactly like this in a thread titled like this on this exact forum.

Of course there are shootings. That doesn’t make the act itself less unconcerting.

What’s disconcerting is that this guy and people like him are products of society and our society is to busy blinding itself and presenting excuses and faux shock to ask the difficult questions about why this really happened and what could’ve been done. The perception people have is that this was an evil individual doing evil things and it was so obvious he was going to do this because of these evil things. The perspective is from totally the wrong angle because these are not factors that heavily contribute to why he and people like him do the things they do. People drown more in the summer than in other seasons. People also eat more ice cream in the summer than in other seasons. However, to say that people drown more because they eat more ice cream is ludicrous. What’s disconcerting is that there is a total failure on all levels to try and understand why shit like this happens and prevent it from mushrooming the way it does when its too late. I’m also a little frustrated because I can’t stand the idiocy of the way some of my peers reacted to this but that’s not you guys’ fault.

I wonder how many people who listen to Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC, who wear bright clothes (in style type stuff), who spend very little time on the computer or playing videogames have done school shootings?

Everytime I hear about these, it’s some kid listening to Linkin Park in his basement in all black.

Could you say positive correlation?

Re read what I said about ice cream and swimming pools. Re-read what I said about the thousands of people that don’t go out and do this. When you have a cold , the fact your nose is runny isn’t making you have a cold. The fact your nose is runny is a symptom that says you have a cold. However, not everyone that has a runny nose has a cold either.

Body count: 0
Good: Nobody is killed
Bad: No news coverage, no fixing the problem

Bodycount: 1+
Good: News coverage which should give a small insight into the problem that lies within these angry, suppressed youths.
Bad: Everyone tries to shift the blame to someone else.

Bodycount: approx 6 billion
Good: You’re not there to comment on it.
Bad: You’re not there to comment on it.

Ok, the thread title was a joke and not a serious discussion point, jesus.