THe one in the join page has updated to a free 30 day trial thingy…seeing as how I’ve neglected VP for a couple months after I reformated, my trial has run out. Will I have to keep downloading it every month? Is there another free to have version that I can use?

I could send you the 30-day trial version of the FTP program I use. It’s called FlashFXP, and in my opinion, it’s a lot easier to use than WS_FTP.

I would like that very much mister. you know where to find me

Filezilla. It’s free.

Thanks Nulani. That program is great. : D

I use FTP Explorer 1.0 myself. Nice and free.

I’m not sure where you can download it though, since the free version is several years old.

yeah, download.com just automatically upgrades it. What a rip off!

I guess I’ll go with Nulani’s link. I’d rather not download every 30 days.

FileZilla is probably the one that should replace the WS_FTP link… and the walkthrough, I suppose.

Hiryuu, do you think you’ll have time to do something about that? ^^;

I can replace the link easily, but I really don’t want to write another walkthrough for it, especially on a program I’m not particularly familiar with.

Then I guess we should at least take the walkthrough down, because it’s silly to have one for a 30-day trial program, and I don’t want to look as if we’re advocating finding a warez version of it.

Just give me a couple weeks or something. It’s finals week next week.

Why Download something you already got? I think that you should mention that IE6 does do FTP:

I’ve got a Question: I would like to upload a Small wave file for use for in this Forum. Can I use my Pokéshrine for that use? (File is a about 8 secs long mono 11-22khz)


Because IE6 is a big pain to use.

I’ve just disocvered it Hogs resorurses.

But Since I’ve not install anyother FTP yet and I’m just about flaten this machine since It’s very unstable.

Not to mention unstable.

I wouldn’t know! I’m stuck with a unstable PC (with ME, No surpirse) and I’m too busy moving house to back up, format, and restore a PC. Plus the “owner” of that PC is Conserting upgrading to 2k or XP. (I want 2k-tan desktop!!!)


So I’m trying to download this and I’m getting nowhere. Where’s the actual link?