From posters to wall scrolls

I hate posters. I don’t like the material and I find it cumbersome to store or carry around and too easily damageable. I like scrolls cuz they’re easy to manage, the colors don’t look any different, the fabric is nicer and they just have more style. However, only anime and vg stuff is available in wall scrolls, which is kinda irritating. I don’t have a problem with paying 10 bucks extra to get a scroll over a poster and I’m sure a lot of other people don’t. It makes me wonder why companies aren’t making scroll versions of popular posters, hell scroll versions of LotR stuff is sure to work well even if the only people that buy them are anime geeks, most of whom like dnd and vg stuff already anyway. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Also, does anyone know of any way to convert posters to scroll, any company that does it for you?

Scrolls pwn posters, indeed.

Yeah, they’re much more managible than posters for moving around, and such. Say, like, you go into a shop and buy a poster. You’re toting this big ol wind resistant rectangle.

Buy a scroll, and you have a tube that is not only more efficient, but in a desperate situation you can bop somebody on the head with it to cover your escape.

Yes, scrolls over posters here.

Posters tend to, you know, rip. Unless you frame them, but who’s going to waste money on framing a poster?

There is a difference?

Wall scrolls are better if you have a dorm or you’re too broke to buy a frame for a paper poster…and you can hang wallscrolls on slightly tilted walls. ^^

What does it matter? It’s just going to be sitting on your wall anyways. Why would you walk around with your posters?

Originally posted by Nulani
There is a difference?

Not being a native english speaker, and not putting stuff on my walls except for the stuff I get for birthday/X-Mas or in magazines ‘n’ stuff, I didn’t know there was a difference between a wall scroll and a poster…

aren’y scrolls made out of… cloth… or something? I’m not sure…

Originally posted by Nulani
There is a difference?

Wall… scroll?

Originally posted by Pierson
aren’y scrolls made out of… cloth… or something? I’m not sure…

:open_mouth: Wall scrolls are made of people! They’re made of people!


What do you mean, what’s the difference?

Posters are paper. Wall scrolls are cloth (but evil cloth, not the good cloth that makes hats >.>). Much more durable. Much much more difficult to find if you’re like me and live in the land of “don’t sell anything good.”

They’re all over ebay, Nessa, if you’re having trouble finding wall scrolls. :open_mouth: …But anyway, I have both posters and wall scrolls, and I find both easy to bop people over the head with. The posters DO get annoying though… especially when you have to take them all down because you moved. ugh.

And Sin, don’t tell me this was spawned by that really weird poster you showed me o_o;

No talking of the poster. Anyway , an LotR wall scroll would be good too 8P 8P

I’m curious about this poster you two speak of now :stuck_out_tongue:

No. That is not the poster you’re looking for.

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No. That is not the poster you’re looking for.

I’m gonna ask Aaaaaastral… dum dee dum!

Oh believe me, if I had the means to buy things over the 'net, I’d be terribly in debt… Or at least have a job… cries because no one has spammed her with credit card offers yet

Maybe American companies don’t think wall scrolls would sell so well. Some people really have a thing against products that remind them of something they don’t like – like anime, for instance.