Friday FRIDAY friday

Starcraft night, this friday, suggested time either 10EST or 11EST, unless we can all agree to a time that sufficient players can make it. Enlist to DIE here.

Note: Broodwars needed.


Later is better. Maybe even closer to 12PM. Cause that’s when I’d be coming in, I suspect, regardless of what time everybody gets together.

-Mazrim Taim

Blarg, too bad I didn’t bring it with me to college.

I’ll probably be there, the earlier the better.

I’ll play. I’m completely horrible at pretty much any map, UMS, Money, Regular, it’s all the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I would but I can’t. My grandma’s going in for surgery Thursday (Colon Cancer), and I’ll be out of town for a while.

You mean there are games now which aren’t some version of RO?

Holy crap were’ve I been. Uhh… I may or may not come, dipends if I can find my copy of BW <.<;

It doesn’t matter to me when you crazy easteners have your partahz, cause I’m 3 hours behind you so unless you deside to start at like, 2 AM, it won’t be late for me so I can still play AND go to bed relitively ontime! Victory!


I would play, and i love DIE and any other WWII map there is,


i have a football game on friday

can we do it like Sat afternoon?

Im game.

<img src=“”>Probably.

count me in :cool:

Damn, me and my SC only ;_;

I think I’m into it. Throw me a message at IRC when it starts. I should be game.

Originally posted by Mabatsekker
I think I’m into it. Throw me a message at IRC when it starts. I should be game.
At 6 AM on a Saturday?

Yep, he said he’d have to wake up early.

Why not? I think I once woke up for DN’s RP sessions at 5 or 6…

… and it’s the weekend, so why not?

Wait a minute I thought it was happening on friday??? He change dates or something?

Maba lives in the future.

Originally posted by Kagon
Blarg, too bad I didn’t bring it with me to college.
ogm wtf kagon!?!1111 y u no tri hrd!?!?111

On a more serious note, I no longer have my large collection of maps, which had collected various rave reviews such as “Argh! No, not another crappy RPG!”, “Goddamnit!! When will it end?!?”, and “DICK SMASH!!!” Some of you may cry, others may rejoice, but regardless, this is a sad day indeed.

As for my attendance, I’ll have to buy a new copy of SC before Friday as I lost my CD key a long time ago and haven’t been able to reinstall SC since I reformatted my computer. It’s only $10 though, so finding it will be more trouble than buying it. At the very worst I could just bum a CD key off of my friend who lives down the street from me, he hasn’t used his in years. In any case, I’ll likely be there to SC it up like old times.

You should buy a copy too Kagon, then we could SC it up like it was 2002 and you’d never have an excuse for missing a SC party again! =P