Fresh from Japan: Canned air!

Anyone else having Spaceballs flashbacks?

Beautiful! I hope they get over here, I love Spaceballs!


I love those things. we bought a few bottles of this in tibet (high altitude and stuff), mainly to look cool, my friend and I still have plenty of inside jokes about it. However I think we got ripped off because a few times it smelled very rubber-ish, so the locals probably just filled up empty cans with air from car tyres <.<;;

If it’s too concentrated it’ll make people high and maybe even poison them

Flavored oxygen?

Canned air is sold here to help clean dust.

But that air is unbreathable. It’s compressed so much and it’s aerosol.

Oxygen has emerged as a popular new product and sparked the creation of city “oxygen bars” that provide oxygen for customers to breathe in.
Damn, I knew some places have atmosphere, but this is ridiculous.

No it’s breathable, try it.

Just don’t come crying to us when your lungs become freeze-dryed lumps of tissue. Oh, n/m you’d be dead. >_>

Wonder where they get the air from. Makes you wonder what your breathing in.

We breathe… air.

They get the air from… air.


Morpheus: You really think that’s air you’re breathing?