Fresh Fish

Alright, since I didn’t see a forum dedicated simply to making the rest of the universe aware of my existence, I thought this one would be a good place to post the mandatory, “Hi I’m new, LOLOLOLOLBBQDURR” kind of thread. My name is Zeke, I like stuff, this stuff on occasion includes RPGS, and in a freakish Google accident, this site came up. After milking the shrines dry, I decided what the hell, and gave away my personal information for the umpteenth time.

I’ll proably post on a regular basis for about ten days, then forget about the site, then post again, but hey, such is life.

P.S. This forum has the best similies I have ever seen.

Yes. Yes it does. :booster:

Welcome! Enjoy your stay.

I like the tone of your post. I anticipate the coming of our message board friendship.


Heya. Welcome, have a good time and remember that no matter what you read here, we are not psychopaths, we are just sick.

You know, I had this awesome picture of a psychopath holding a knife and screaming I EAT NOOBS FOR BREAKFAST! but I forgot where I got it from. Pity, it was going to be my new copy-paste greeting.

a picture of myself, the forehead pimples are a problem, as is the nose, and the hair…GOD I’M UGLY, BWAHHHHHH!


Dear Zeke,

Salve! Welcome and hello!
Neato avatar. Yes, the smileys rock. Use them wisely.

much love,

Hi and welcome :wave:

Howdy there. You remind me of someone. You even look really familiar…

would it be too bold to say,“Your daddy”? :suckah:

>.>;; I just walked by my dad in the living room and he’s watching a movie called “Pumpkin Head” on Sci Fi.

Welcome to the Machine.

Spelling: A
Humour: B+
Living in the VATICAN: A

Overall I give you an A for making a first impression on the cynical bastards here. Welcome to the boards. ;D

This is probably the best welcome thread I’ve seen. This is a relative statement and should not, under any circumstances, be taken as a compliment. Hi.

How to fit in:

  1. Always make fun of those different from you.
  2. NEVER say ANYTHING unless you are sure EVERYONE else thinks the same thing as you.
  3. Once you hit 2k posts, you can be as big an asshat as you want.
  4. Make fun of those who have the gall to ask a question. All questions are stupid and should not be asked.
  5. If someone’s opinion is different from yours, they’re gay and stupid.
  6. If someone makes an inside joke, even if you have NO IDEA what it means, laugh as if you’ve been here forever and you get it.
  7. Charlemagne is funny. Not spammy. Theres a difference between randomly spamming and charlemagne randomly spamming.

Have a nice stay.

Oh, and read CH’s guides. Aside from the fact X is banned and the TOB is gone, they’re really informative.

Hi, I thought this was probably the sanest welcome thread I’ve seen, then i went back and read hades’s post… ah well, we can dream

Salve, amicus!

The rules of decorum do actually apply from time to time. Usually when you least expect them, or where outlined by ClothHat.

Be prepared to be yelled at by everyone from a different country than you, next time a patriotic post comes up.

The secret to popularity is to very overtly act like you don’t give a shit what people think of you.

On a completely different note: I am listening to Apocalyptica right now, and I must say that if you haven’t heard them, you should.

Well, welcome and whatever. I guess.

Welcome to the RPGC.