French Death metal?

…doesn’t sound very different from english death metal. Sure, the LANGUAGE is different, but the singer sounds like he’s howling in some demonic tongue as a result. I speak fluent french and don’t understand half of what he says.

Still, FURIA is a fairly neat band nonetheless.

Whoa these guys are pretty awesome! I’ve only heard one song so far, but I have to leave for school now so I’ll listen to the rest later. Thanks for the link, this is some pretty good music! BTW it’s not really uncommon for bands to sing in a different language, not that you were saying it was anyways.

That was absolutely awesome! Yeah, it does sound demonic with the French vocals.

It has an At The Gates feel to it.

There is no such thing as death metal. It is called black metal. i get very mad when people call it that its BLACK METAL PEOPLE, BLACK METAL!!!
listen to dimmu borgir,cradle of filth, cannibal corpse!!!

Black metal and death metal are two COMPLETELY different genres. Also, if they were interchangeable than you would have no reason to be so indignant.

Read Lords of Chaos and you’ll understand.

Were you speaking to me or to him?

Holy shit. Not only do you think there’s no such thing as death metal, but you don’t even know what black metal is. Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth NOR Cannibal Corpse qualify as black metal.

Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth come close but they don’t fit in I think. They play a different sort of style than black metal. It’s a more polished form I think. Black metal must be raw and satanic(well the satanic part is in question but a lot of it is). As for Cannibal Corpse, they are clearly death metal. They have low gutteral vocals and the music definately fits within the death metal realm.

Chocobo obviously. You’d own me in any form of musical discussion.

Anyway, let us get back on track with this discussion of this band.

I would put Cannibal corpse more into the gore corner than in the death metal corner. I mean come on. <.<
As for Dimmu and CoF, they’re pretty melodic so I guess they qualify as symphonic/ melodic black metal; a bit too melodic and kinda pop-y cause they’re hopelessly mainstream. :stuck_out_tongue: omgz they’re liek toly not trve man…!!!

And zero, that band is the nift. Of course, making french sound demonic in metal isn’t particularly difficult since all the nasal sounds sound like vomiting to begin with when they’re screamed or growled. :smiley:

Ok, I listened to the rest of the songs, and oh man are these guys ever awesome! Thanks for posting the link. I checked their tour dates and they’ll be playing a show when I’m going to be in France so I might be able to check these guys out. :victoly:

Uh, a lot of death metal is primarly gore themed. Cannibal Corpse is still death metal. I dunno about “gore”, that doesn’t really seem to be a genre on it’s own anyways, except for maybe when talking about Carcass, who seem to be grindgore or something hahaha.