Free year subscription to EGM

Also there’s a free game on the XBox Live Arcade until Sunday.

Um… why are they giving this away for free?

I dunno, one of my coworkers linked everyone to it. I assume by giving away some free magazines they hope some of those people will continue to subscribe after the year is up.

Cool. I let my subscription run out sometime ago. But I’m cool with another year for free.

Free? That’s my kind of price tag!

holy shit awesome

i would never pay for this but i havn’t gotten egm since i was a kid…i wonder what its like now

subscribed (and fived)

vvv what no, i really did sign up, this is sweet.

dev don’t be a smartass :expressionless: (<-- Serious face)

Mother fuckers, only for US.

Originally Posted by Rinn
dev don’t be a smartass :expressionless: (<-- Serious face)

I thought this was your serious face.

I couldn’t say it better myself GG! Thanks a ton Rinn! I gave up my Gamepro subscription a couple of years ago even though they wanted to keep me for the low low price of $14.95 a year, but I said no because I had very little time to play games and got most of my info from here or, or somewhere on the net, but hey, if it’s FREE!