Freddy vs. Jason vs.....Ash?

In last weeks Entertainment Weekly, there was an article discussing the Freddy vs. Jason sequel. Apparently it’s a three way match. Its come down to choosing between Ash or Michael Myers. Bruce Campbell stated that he’d only take the part if he was victorious. Thoughts.

…No comment…

Ash would rock (CHAINSAW ARM!), but they’d probably go with Michael Myers.

And wtf…a second one? O_o

This was known at the time when FvJ was in theaters (the sequel, I mean).

Ya see, the problem with them choosing Michael Myers is that he’s pretty much the same as Jason. Dude with a mask and a machetti. That kind of lacks variety. With Ash, they would have diversity. But the thing with Ash is, you can’t kill him. Ash is one of the biggest boxxor roxxor horror flick icons around. To kill him would make viewers light the theatre on fire.

I didnt even like Freddy Vs. Jason, it just did not hit my taste. But thats just my opinion…

I’m not a fan of Freddy nor Jason, but Ash just rocks.

Shinobi: Exactly what I was thinking.

Murderers with masks and Killertools are old stuff in my opinion, due to all this Teeny-Horror Movies

Uh, unless I’m mistaken, Jason can’t die either.

It anyone could make Jason die, Ash could.

I liked the first F v J since it didn’t take itself seriously at all, and about all of the teenagers died

Freddy = Evil Nightmare Demonish Thingy who kills folks
Jason = Evil back form the dead drowned boy who kills folks
Meyers = Evil psycho killer who may or may not actually die ever who kills folks
Ash = Badass zombie killer with more whit than a salt mine and a boomstick that never runs out of ammo who kills DEADITES

Three of things are kind of the same, but one of these things just doesn’t belong here. Now its time to play our game.

Edit: dont curse me for messing up the rhyme, its been years

One two, Freddy’s coming for you.
Three four, better lock your door.
Five six, grab your crucifix.
Seven eight, better stay up late.
Nine ten, never sleep again.

My first thought on “Ash” was Ash from Pokémon. And my first thought on “Michael Meyers” was Austin Powers. Hmm …

How would they make that work?

Austin Powers, Jason (who chilled with the argonauts), Pokemon’s Ash, and Fred (from drop dead Fred) would be a movie so demented and crappy that only its mother could love it, and then only if it were hiding in a corner away form visitors line of sight.

Ash man, I know I’m being redundent here, but yeah Ash would kill all.

You rock for saying that.

FvJvA would rock.

If nothing else, make Ash win partially by having him deal the final blow to one of these behemoths, the other being did-in by the other.

Ash wins, returns to the S-Mart as the resident ass kicker…but…something else’s afoot.