freaky optical illusion

the video is creepy…

Wow, I have to print that out when I get a printer.

I have to learn to make this. On a large enough scale it’d make a cool Halloween decoration.

Fuck, that’s insane. O_o

I was listening to the Final Battle themesong of Pokemon Ruby/Saphire as I watched it. Which made it … um … just as cool.

That’s cool. I wouldn’t mind having one of those in my room.

That’s the type of shit that scares little kids and totally mind-fucks with you.


But seriously, that was hella cool. I’m so building one. :D~~~

Already seen it. Been thinking of trying to set one up in the dorm.

That’s a pretty cool illusion.

Holy shit. I printed it out, and it fucking works.

I will print out dozens and line them up on my windowsill. >:D


That’s awesome…I’m printing one out to go on my monitor. ^^

Cool. Worth cookies!

Cool, I’m going to make one of those.

Damn 56k. I’ll have to wait til I get back home to watch that.

Made one. Freaked out all my friends. One laughed like a 6 year old.

Man, that’s creepy…yet cool…

It only works well if you cut it out instead of leaving it on the white paper. I don’t know why.