Fox Kids is showing Kirby next month.

So… I run for the hills or something? How is it?

Kirby is GOD. And I’m an atheist.

They’ve been showing kirby on fox for a while now on Fox, haven’t seen it though.

I’ve been afraid of fox after they got rid of digimon.

I can’t imagine what Kirby’d be about: He’s invincible. Would he show be about him flying around and defeating villains, much, not, to our suprise?

I watched it once a while ago. I don’t remember what it was about, but I remember seeing Meta Knight. He had a romanian accent and looked really cool for having no body…

The Kirby anime is very corny and at times a little bit stupid, but it’s well-translated and makes sense. It’s okay, I guess, but not something you’d program the VCR for just so you wouldn’t miss it :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Nulani
I can’t imagine what Kirby’d be about: He’s invincible. Would he show be about him flying around and defeating villains, much, not, to our suprise?
That is exactly what happens. Oh, and he eats stuff. And gets into crazy antics.

i’ve seen the show… it’s crap so stay away… unless u like kirby than this is your show:thud:

It’s what I’d call worth getting up early for. The story of Kirby, the Star Warrior born centuries too early (that’s his origin, apparently). He’s out to battle N.M.E (Night Mare Enterprizes) and King Dedede, who is always purchasing monsters from N.M.E to battle Kirby with. It’s pretty interesting, but it too often focuses on the “new” characters; two little kids named Tiff and Tuff. Tuff has that annoying “Digimon Kid” feel to him, and when he’s around, the show gets a little dull.

But it certainly is cute. King Dedede is a laugh, Kirby is cute as ever, and Meta Knight and Lolo and Lala are regulars on the show, where we learn of their origins. I highly recommend you watch an episode or two.

Thanks but what do you mean by “Digimon Kid” feeling? There where about 20 diferent kids in digimon.

I think he means any of the new Digimon series in themselves, where the plot is full of younger-and-younger kids battling giant monsters and making friends and sharing picnic baskets until it’ll be a bunch of 1-year olds sharing a milk bottle or something.

I stopped watching Fox Kids when they got rid of Digimon. It’s now on UPN, and there’s no way on this earth that you’re getting me to watch UPN.

Hardly Cless, Frontier was the last season. And in the last two, the children where all around 13, they changed the ages on the dub alongside with some names.

Pah, I stopped watching after they got those pansy-ass new kids to take over for Tai & co. :stuck_out_tongue:

To tell you the truth, I think that Tamers was by far the best season. The plot was even a bit smarter (Okay, It wasn’t Evangelion but it had some stuff in it).

I watched one ep of kirby dubbed and on gasp a TV channel.

It wasn’t so bad, I guess I would have antisipated the plot twist a bit better (IE 10 minutes before I -DID- antispate it :P) if I had been following the show.

The animation is pretty cool, but ya, kirby doesn’t die or even get close to death that might make you imagen that “OH NOZ HES GONNA DIE”. The show is basicly a kiddie show, but it is less destructive on the brain if you have to watch something, then say, pokemon. Which I kinda like but it has no plot twists whatever so I can’t watch it anymore ^^;

In short, Kirby is a step up from the brain numbing Sailor Moon dubbed or something of the equivilant (CCS anyone?)

Maybe the dubbing companies are getting better?


Don’t you DARE to put CCS at the same level as these.

If I had a half hour to kill during Saturday morning cartoons, I’d whip out my X/1999* DVD set.

Nothing like almost totally senseless violence and bloodshed** in the middle of the sugary crap that is Saturday morning cartoons.

*Or other anime that hasn’t been censored.

**Or anything else that my grandmother wouldn’t approve of.