Forum setup problems

Not really sure where to post this thread. f it shouldn’t be here, somebody please move it. Thanks

I’m setting up a forum for a club at my univeresity. They run a Unix server and the computer lab guy said they only support ASP. So I downloaded Snitz and I’m trying to get it to work. When I try to run the setup.asp file I get a message that says it can’t be found. I put the forum folder in the root folder of the site with all the other site stuff, so when I type in the address it should show up.

I’ve CHMODed the setup file to 755,644 and 777 to see if it’ll make a difference. but it’s the same every time.

Someone please help. I have to get this up before my workload gets heavier.

why would a unix server only support a microsoft standard? that doesn’t make any sense.

I dunno. That’s just what the guy said. Then again he may have said it to get me to join the computer club 'cause he said their server supports PHP; which is what I was trying to install before switching to ASP.

Assume he meant PHP.