Forum rules

Rules of the ‘YnT Translation Pagoda’ forum

In order for everything to work correctly it’s needed to follow a series of rules that every user must respect independently of his class or position.

General rules

As a registered user you cannot:

[li] Start litigations nor quarrels.
[/li][li] Use the signature as a way of insulting.
[/li][li] Ask for ROMs nor link to ROM sites.
[/li][li] Use epithets, insults, idioms or however you call them to address to someone.
[/li][li] Set up fights from countries.
[/li][li] Discuss about religious or politic themes.

Specific rules

[li] Don’t ask for beta patches.
[/li][li] Don’t ask for release dates.
[/li][li] Don’t demmand game translations, it won’t make us to consider it. This is not the same as asking for help with translations.
[/li][li] Don’t ask for release dates.

Any thread violating these rules can be closed without previous advice, and the moderation and/or administration admin will choose the solution against its respective user, varying from a simple message to a ban.

Thus, we suggest our users to have in consideration every and each of the rules to guarantee the most gratifying experience possible.

Thanks for reading this advice and enjoy your stay in the forum.

The moderation team of the forum