For those who were required to study abroad as per their major

How was it paid for? If I take up international journalism at the school I’m going to in the fall, I’ll have to spend a year in Australia. Most awesome, of course, but I have no idea how I would afford it.

If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.


(Goverment funding)

I think the cost is more or less the same as a regular semester at school (at least, the study abroad programs I’ve seen and talked about have), but I’m not sure whether or not scholarships and stuff would apply over there.

Your actual tuition costs are usually the same if it’s a program sponsored by your school. Travel expenses are your own, as are living expenses in the foreign country (at least with my school they are).

Basically, pay for a plane ticket, pay for a place to stay over there instead of here.

Upon further reasearch, my school is in a reciprocity agreement with the School I’d be going to, meaning, I’d be paying the tuition/dorm costs of my school. That eliminates a major road block, and now I’m seriously considering it. However, now the issue is finding a job, as the car and phone wont pay themselves.

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OK, this thread got pretty useless fast. Thanks for the ‘help’

I thought we had a thread “For those about to rock…”. Anyway, that’s Australian too. Get a job and go to the Aussies. In the words of Shining Force “Come on, it’ll be an adventure!”

I tried to study abroad once, but she slapped me in the face.

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OK, seriously now, how about an student-exchange program?