For those who may have missed them...

…super bowl commercials (like myself):

As a note, I’ve noticed that QuickTime works the best of all the media formats there.

<B>Ameriquest Mortgage Company</B>
Ameriquest: Cat Killer

It’s about the only one really worth watching.

Is that the one with the guy in the kitchen and the cat?

Yes, Flint. The very first Bud Light commercial was funny too. It started out all cliche, but then they took us on a swerve. It was both familiar yet new at the same time.

I think the Emerald Nuts one was pretty good. With the unicorn.

I liked the FedEx one.

I saw some fake ads while watching. Like, they’d have Canadian Tire ads on a billboard while watching the Superbowl. I even caught a glimpse of a Pizza Pizza ad, saying “Toronto’s best pizza!”. Stupid Superbowl.