For those unable or unwilling...

… to participate in the glorious orgy of blood and giblets known as Quake 2 multiplayer, you might be feeling a little left out.

Well, there is no better time than now to re-acquaint yourselves with a classic, the fiendishly fun FPS known as Doom. In the past, I’ve pushed a port for this game known as <a href=“”>ZDoom</a>, which enhances the game with such things as higher resolution modes, freelook, jumping, damageable walls, netplay, bots, etc. However, there were still some issues that made the game a bit unpleasant, and eye-candy addicts would still have found much to complain about. (The sad thing is that even at higher resolutions, an imp sprite still has horrid pixelation.)

All that is now in the past. I have come across a new port for Doom called <a href=“”>Legacy</a>. It has all the features that ZDoom has, but with a huge added bonus: OpenGL support. We’re talking full 3D hardware support here. And boy, does it show. No more pixels (though there is some blurriness, it’s a vast improvement), and the speed is like greased lightning if you’ve got a compatible graphics accelerator. Not only that, but there are special effects such as fog, lensflares, light from lamps reflected off of walls, the list goes on. I was blown away when I was fighting an imp in a dark corridor and I saw a fireball he shot at me actually GLOW and light up the hallway.

And that’s just the original Doom level packs. There are some WADs (as the files are known) made especially for Legacy Doom, which make use of special scripting languages and engine features that pretty much redefine the entire game. Conveyor belts, multistory levels, special lighting techniques, event-triggered actions, water you can swim in, way too much for me to describe here.

Here’s a screenie I took that shows some good lighting effects. Look at the lighting on the floor in front of the player, due to the imp’s (translucent!) fireball and the rocket. Look closely and you can even see the puff of smoke on the rocket’s tail.
<a href=“”>Screenie 1</a>

And here’s a special Legacy level. Hard to believe it’s Doom, eh?
<a href=“”>Screenie 2</a>

I haven’t tested multiplayer support yet (other than with bots), but I’ve heard it’s fast. Even 56k users should be able to get decent speed from it. And the protocol supports up to 16 players, if I’m not mistaken.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty stoked about this game. Merl’s been getting RPGC into the FPS mood for this summer, so I invite all Doom lovers to give Legacy a try. See what’s been done to bring a 10-year-old game up to the same level of quality as today’s FPSes. It’s truly amazing. And if you need the Doom1/Doom2/Final Doom WADs, I’ll be happy to… ahem arrange for you to acquire them.

Never before in the FPS genre has there been such a wonderful mix of new-school features and old-school charm. <a href=“”>Czech it out.</a>

For god’s sakes, shell out 5 fucking dollars and get Quake 3. Or 30 dollars and get the bucket of addictiveness that is UT03. Doom, psh.

Psh yourself, X, DOOM owns UT03 totally… >.> <.< Yeah.

And this is why I vote pro-anthrax.

Wasn’t there a thread on it a few days ago? I felt like doing that “welcome to last week” stuff.

SG asked me a question about doing homemade levels. One of the great things about Doom is that the structure is so simple, level editing is pretty easy. You can not only make your own levels, you can also put in custom graphics, music, and other stuff. If you want to get into advanced scripting, there are some special “next-gen” editors that let you do those things (and thus make levels like the ones in the second screenie).

Here’s a good starting place for editors:

I especially recommend <a href=“”>DeePsea</a> for its ease of use. Unfortunately, this program is shareware. It does support the recent Doom ports, though, including Legacy.

You can find tons of Doom levels out there. Be aware that some of the more complex ones (Eternal Doom comes to mind) have some nasty graphical bugs in them that show up on Legacy. They require fixing some special data structures in the level WAD, using a utility called a node builder. Brave warriors can venture forth and use <a href=“”>ZenNode</a> to fix WADs that give Legacy problems. Cowards, just stick to the native Doom 2 levels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of us dont have an ultra-great PC, X.

Then get Quake 3. I won’t tell anyone.

Besides, you’re the Elder Scrolls fan.

Heh, well I often preffer playing old games than new ones, sometimes for some reason. For example, been playing X-COM appocalypse for a while lately.

And Elder Scroll kick ass, indeed.
…And I never really liked QUake 3.

I never liked Quake 3 either, it wasn’t very fun and had nothing that really made me want to play it.

Originally posted by Lunaris
Some of us dont have an ultra-great PC, X.

Like me, for instance. The reason I’m not playing Q2 is that it DOESN’T WORK ON MY COMP. (and that I find 2-D fighters to be generally better. As soon as I get a better comp, I start owning everyone in SFA3.)

Doom OWNZ. Doom and the good old Wolfstein where precious jewels in my childhood.

Dude, Iga, you seriously need an upgrade. What do you have, a 386? Yeesh…

A FUBARED P1 300. (It thinks it’s a 120, and various other fubared things)

In any case, yeah, I need an upgrade. In fact, the reason behind the venting topic I made was to get myself a newfangled computer.

doom is the first FPS i’ve played, and it’s not let me down…

…i’ll stick with doom, thank you.

Ooo. Doom.

You know. That game was made illegal in Norway, and in fact, still is I think: Can’t have pixelated Imp blood; no, not at all.

I can’t play FPS to save my life, so I have to pass.

Originally posted by Nulani
[b]Ooo. Doom.

You know. That game was made illegal in Norway, and in fact, still is I think: Can’t have pixelated Imp blood; no, not at all. [/b]

that sucks.

imo, doom is one of the greatest fps series there is.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I can’t play FPS to save my life, so I have to pass.

And you believe I could? I got negative scores; rather big negative scores too.

I only realised that you can only get a negative score by killing yourself more times than you kill others after jumping in the lava 26 and a half times. So don’t commit suicide, kids, unless you really don’t want anyone to get +1 :stuck_out_tongue: