For those that read Gantz

It stopped sucking:


A whole fucking year just to go back to EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING POINT WE WERE AT A YEAR AGO.

Well, at least Hoihoi got some points. Maybe he’ll revive Izumi or some shit.

I’d love to see Izumi back, but I think the Vamp is similar enough to him. What I want to see next is another mission happen as soon as they all start welcoming back Kurono. Just for all the ensuing carnage :stuck_out_tongue:

No, goddamnit no, shut up. Not another trip through Namek. God, this arc was so bad. Another long round of Katou and his amazing Pussy Gun, Nishi repeating his “lol backstab-ohblargh!”, Sakata just kicking it for no real reason, Inaba being Inaba, ANOTHER bitch dying to save Katou, Reika forgetting any kind of fighting skills, the overhyped as fuck Osaka team getting nearly exterminated like worms, particularily the Ping Pong 7-timer sucker and an alien with more lives than Naraku. Jesus, this was infuriating.

The only real good parts were Kaze, Takeshi and the random rape guy from the Osaka team. Seriously, that guy was awesome.

Let’s just wrap this shit up already and go back to Kurono

I kinda miss this comic, but I just couldn’t keep going after around 150 or so. Wake me up when it is actually good again and not just threatening to be.

Holy shit, did the plot just advance?

Did they just make a WEEKLY update!? :open_mouth: Holy shit! About time :smiley:

This will only get better. Any calls on how long it’ll be before Izumi is revived? I give it another mission (provided they have another one before the count down ends).

Finally, I’m motivated to start reading again. :smiley:

If Kurono wants more firepower, then it’d make sense to get him back. My money is still on Hoihoi just for the hilarity of it. Panda loev Izumi, and maybe Gantz understands pandaspeak. Though Host Vampire might just take his place.