For those of us who remember...

I present to you, The Demented Cartoon Movie!

…Zeeky Boogy Doog!




I just remember watching this a long time ago here, I don’t remember what else. :frowning:


:moogle: your not Romeo!

Yeesh lately in this forums it’s like 1999 all over again :o (three 9s, right?)

So much talent, wasted in something so stupid.

AHHH! What have you DONE?! It took forever to make this die, and now it’s back! BACK!

Woe shall be this foru-H-bomb

Zeeky Boogy Do- !BOOM!


Oh, I haven’t seen this beauty in ages.

This brings back bad memories.

I love it. Who’s with me on “Toss the H-bomb”?

God save us, it’s back!! the first time i watched this i laughed nearly all the way through.

hey, did you notice my hand has been on this chair for the whole movie?

PS too bad there’s no explosion smiley…



-Gee, that was stupid. What was that guy, some sort of kamikaze-type person?

-Well, at least it wasn’t a watermelon.

-A watermelon? You mean like, a Kamikaze Watermelon?

-Weeeeeeeeeee Splat

-That was a Kamikaze Watermelon.

-What’s next?

-Blah! Boing

-What’s gonna happen now?

-I dunno… another Kamikaze Watermelon?

-Weeeeeeeeeee! Splat


That was my favorite part of the movie… I’m nerdy, he he he…

And you, like, totally stole both of those images from me.