For those of us who bitch about gas costs,1280,-4549903,00.html

3 words: holy. fucking. shit.

Now I have three reasons not to get a car/license:

  1. They’re too big and clunky to drive a mere 1 or 2 km with
  2. If you’re going further, there are more efficient ways of doing it (mass transit or planes)
  3. Phobia of gas prices.

0_o…Right there pretty much describes my facial expression right now…

Damn yankees and their SUVs.

That’s even worse than Norway!
The article raises several valid points. Americans have to ditch the SUVs; not only to preserve the environment, but also to preserve the world’s reserves of fossible fuels so we can have a painless transition from a society that is dependant on fossile fuels to one that isn’t.

That and they’re one of the most dangerous forms of vehicles.

Yeah, why do you guys think I’ve put off getting a car for this long?

I want a Mini-Cooper. Small. Sexy. SMALL. Parkable. SMALL.

$6!! You get it easy. I have to Fork out a £10 for Pertol when I catch a lift.

Man It high here in the UK £0.90 per L. Thats how we’ve not noiced soon as we hit £1 per gallon we change to Metric. Danmed EU Metric Rules.

Buy British!! Buy the Mini!! be a real man and Squese 2 blokes in the Back of the Mini Orginal. Other Small cars are Acceptables only if there are from Italy. (My mate Mario would say that.)

Big Nutter
You’ll be surprised that 2 blokes can fit in the back of the Orginal Mini Coooper. I’ve done it an Old T reg. (It’s about 25 year old? I think, and it’s Still going brillaintly,)

Mass Transit, if it’s what I think it is, it’s MOST DEFINITELY not efficient. Environmentally-wise, perhaps, but that’s it.

The mini is no longer british, BMW makse em now :P. The most fuel efficient cars are hybrids and civics I think. I get around 25 miles per gallon out of my beemer usually. Those get over 40.

I think in order to reduce the number of SUVs we should burn down Wall Street.

I bet the Amish are amused at us English…they have a fuel-efficient vehicle with emissions that are biodegradable. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I talk about the Mini I don’t Talk about the “New” style Mini. I talk about the “your only Spose to Blow the Bloody Doors Off” '60’s-'00’s Mini’s and the Very Britsh ones.

Big Nutter
When out is in the Back of them… That if not a 20 year old Ford…

Civics depend on the number of shit the person put on it.

What annoys me about SUVs is they’re meant to hold around eight people, yet I frequently see one driver and no passengers. So not only are these people draining gas, they’re doing it without any explanation.

But that article made me count my blessings when it comes to gas prices. Thanks, Sin.

This article made me extremely happy, knowing I don’t work in the UK.