For the Suikoden fans out there

While it’s not VI that fact that it’s for the DS makes up for it.

Not really happy about the four-member limit.

Also, a persian-like country? Armes maybe?

the opening movie depicts the Stars of Destiny trying, and failing, to defend their fortress against a massive army

Gee, this only happens in like every other game.

It’s still at 50%, don’t hold your breath.

The graphic style is a call-back to Suikoden II on the original PlayStation, and like in any decent Suikoden game, there is a new goofy talking-animal race to provide comic relief – this time the Porpoise, a species of sentient, land-dwelling dolphin-y things.

Too right. I love my wacky talking animal races. Gogo Beaver squad! SuikoII like graphics is also nice.