For the few Dark Legacy Fans out there....

Due to certain complications with my final chapter, ( :kissy: ) It cannot be posted on this site. I do not like the idea of editting my work, so the twenty-sixth chapter, namely the wedding scene, shall be ‘subscription only’. If you wish for a copy, and are not upset by semi-naughty writings, then tell me so, either by posting or emailing me at Chanaur_Majere@Hotmail/
Also, I’m working on revising it, making it into a better story. It will be called Shadows of the Past… :hahaha; Yeah, I like that…
Anyways, For the few people who read and liked my story and want to see the consumation (no pun intended) then tell me, leave your e-mail, and I’ll get it to you as soon as possible.
-Farewell from the house of Majere,

Awright then, Chanaur, I’ll move Dark Legacy from the incomplete section and put up your note about it in its summary :slight_smile: