For chat people who don't know this yet

Jokes about Kagon being a “princess,” or crossdressing, or insidious comments about him and 984 being roommates at college, while at one time funny, no longer is amusing to some people, especially Kagon. In fact, it would be fair to say that this really aggravates and bother him. Thus, the ops are asking you to please not bring up this sort of joking and stuff in the chat room at all. If it comes up, ops may warn kick or ban for this sort of discussion, depending on the severity of the joke and how often it’s been repeated by a user. It would qualify as a violation of the excessive harassment/persecution rule (and probably others). Thank you.

Thank God.

Yeah, stop annoying the Dark Lord Kagon! He’ll crush you!

…Or does that fall under one of the jokes he doesn’t like?

I don’t even know anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d think Kagon would like being called Dark Lord.

Although I don’t call him that 'cause I run the Resistance.

Being the Dark Lord doesn’t seem to bother Kagon too much, but I haven’t been around often lately, so I wouldn’t know too much on that.

I miss Kagon.

Blame his college dorm. They have put severe limits on the irc port, Megaman984 is only there because I rout him.

Actually, Kagon is something much worse than a dark lord, he is a Piano Lord. But don’t tell Merlin that, or he might figure out who is dropping all those pianoes on him.

tell Merlin what?

Kagon <strike>is the one who has been dropping the pianos all these years</strike>loves you.

Uhh, Nul. Kagon’s been on before, and he’s also explicity stated that he doesn’t go on anymore cuz he’s sick of us all. So, really, this whole thread is moot cuz he’s not going to grace us with his presence anymore.

He won’t be 'round anymore? Awwww…

I gotta quick question prepares to duck blows: Where does Princess Kag come from?

runs like hell

Now I can consolidate my power. Muwahahahaha. And now the obligatory Simpsons reference.

Homer: But, Marge! It works on any Ayatollah: Ayatollah Nakhbadeh, Ayatollah Zahedi…even as we speak, Ayatollah Razmada and his cadre of fanatics are consolidating their power.

You can keep twisting what I said if you want X. I said I didn’t like putting up with certain people’s stupidity.

Yeah, so, in other words, you’re sick of us all. Either way you DID say that for that reason, you weren’t showing up in the chat anymore. And you haven’t.

No, once again, that’s not what I said. If I were sick of everyone, I wouldn’t be here right now.

Well, you haven’t been much, and when you have, you’ve been, well, the way you have been for the past few days. Actions speak louder than words.

Have you considered you’re only making things worse?

As long as you’re going to act in this isolated, paranoid manner, pretty much anything’s going to make things worse for you. Even your roomie agrees with me. Besides, you don’t seem to care about how you’ve made things worse for us, those of us who never made fun at your expense.

No, but your constant harping and not dropping the subject isn’t making things better, despite what you may think. Also, where did he say this? I don’t recall seeing anything. Maybe I do care, but if you’re going to keep bringing this up every time I post, then no, I’m going to stop caring.