For all you Get Wise fans out there... (counts 3 people)

I have finished Get Wise 12. A few unexpected things and something missing. You know the place. Actually, you don’t anymore.

There is your new home for Get Wise. Have fun watching it.

Also, I plan to continue the chess tourney soon, just give me some time to finish school. It took a lot of my energy to catch up, and now I have just a week left. :slight_smile:

great! I’ll read some tonight! ^_~*

Just finished reading it, and i loved it! I got to stab thingies! ^^

And I got to slice thingies!:smiley: (though I still didn’t get to tickle thingies. :frowning: Oh well).

just read it! I loved it! ^_^:D

Read it a few hours ago. Nice way of using time travel.

Hey good to see you again. How are you doing?

I’m doin’ better than before. :slight_smile:

Yay, a new episode of Get Wise. I need to get off my butt to make a new TRT, but I am just so dang lazy these days. And can I appear again soon, but no Ghaleon or I will throw Nash off a cliff!

Hey everybody gets to be in something around here, can’t I be in any of this stuff?

Not bad, Orakio. Good luck continuing the saga.

Verrrry nicely done! Can’t wait for the next one. :slight_smile:
Orak r teh r0x0r. :smiley:

I know what’s missing: an updated staff page.

That rocked. Can I be in the next one?

Me too. Please???

That episode…was…freakin…hilarious…falls down laughing just thinking about it

I got captured… again. :thud:

Nice Episode orakio I read 11 and 12 at the same time I’d read the previous 10 and the movie a while ago. It’s a funny storyline but I think you should get Orakia and Rulakia weapons of some sort because their magic isn’t doing so good anymore. And you underate your serious a lot more than just a handful of people read it. more like 2 handfuls.

Riskuing going against the flow, while a new episode was nice, it was IMHO mediocre at best. Didn’t really move me much. But nice anywy.

It lacked something (Orakio? :wink: It’s not the same Get Wise without him), but it was still funny, especially the time travel bit in the beginning. Oh, I got kidnapped again… takes out a card See, I fixed this thing up. It now says “Weiila: Fanfic librarian and expert hostage!” :slight_smile: