For all those who play Magic

Unhinged is real. Go check out MaRo’s article.



I’m getting a “Page cannot be displayed” from that link.

And I’ve never heard of this “Unhinged” thing. Is it a “sequal” to Unglued?

EDIT: Rawk. :yipee:

You might want to edit your link so it doesn’t say httrp >>; is what she meant.
Also, this is fucking awesome. :smiley:


I have so been waiting for a new expansion.

Well, I already knew that, but it still ROCKS! XD

Sounds like fun! I hope they still have some fun cards (motion detector, handcuffs, sex appeal)…I’m checking the link now…

Unglued was so great. I gave bluemage some of those cards before and he used knight of the hokey pokey on me. That was hardcore.

I was once the victim of harloon granger.