Football playoffs

So, who are you rooting for?

Why, Olympiakos! It’s the second time they get to the 16 of the Champions League in a decade, though they will be facing Chelsea. I suspect you meant American football though.

Yeah. This is probably the wrong forum to post this :stuck_out_tongue:

tumbleweed rolls by

Well, my Falcons didn’t make it (SURPRISE). My love for Peyton Manning did not matter given the fact that his defense couldn’t stop a starter-less Chargers team. The Pittsburgh/UGA connection is irrelevant since Pitt got ousted. That leaves only Brett Favre to root for.

Although, to be honest, I’m rooting for any team that plays the Patriots. Fuck the Pats.

Eh, don’t care much now that fantasy season is done. Guess I’ll root for Giants/Pats, because I may kill Gregg Easterbrook if he writes another Good vs. Evil column. Guess which is which. :expressionless:

Rigmarole: Olympiakos will crash out of the CL to Chelsea, since Anelka has re-discovered his form and will give Drogba much-needed support up front. If it makes you feel better, Chelsea probably won’t make it past the quarterfinal.

…Cowboys let me down, so I’ve got nothing to root about.

Those Red Sox are great, aren’t they?

<.< :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, tell me about it :stuck_out_tongue: The midfield of Olympiakos, which was the basis of their game, is crippled and the team is highly unstable. They had a draw with their archrivals Panathinaikos (1-1) and they were far worse, after four days against the same team for the Cup they scored 4-0 and today they barely won against the third to last team in the championship. Anyway, even on a good day Chelsea would be a tough rival us. Hope dies last though. And yes, Chelsea tends to lose its cool in the heights. They aren’t used to their new higher level yet.

No, I actually just think of the 8 teams I expect to see in quarters, Chelsea could only beat Sevilla and FC Porto - Man Utd., AC Milan, Arsenal, Barca and Real would probably beat Chelsea.

Ahhh, Chargers lost.:bowser: Oh well, it was cold and LT got injured after 2 runs.

That was depressing. And the Giants won, too. :frowning: Even though I hate the Giants too, I hope they beat the Patriots. It’ll be like the 2001 Super Bowl all over again.

Liverpool, of course.

Benitez needs to lay off the rotation policy a wee bit. The EPL crown is basically out-of-reach, so he better field his best 13 in the FA Cup from here on out or you can kiss any domestic glory goodbye. Of course, the owners undermining his leadership doesn’t help. -_-;

At least Liverpool always comes around in Europe.

hear, hear!

The Patriots are 11 points favorites going into the game. I think they’ll cover the spread.

If Shakespeare was a broadcaster.

I don’t get it.


As for the discussion about a hardy game of pigskin passing. The only thing I can hope for from the coming game is a tight competition. And though I usually not one to really watch hardy games of football (in all honesty, both kinds) I’m willing to make the exception this time and not just for the commercials either but for a game between giants (one named the Giants and the other named Goliath who just happens to be otherwise known as the 2007 New England Patriots). And though I’m a Pat’s fan I’m open to any possible upsets for the coming game because for whichever way the winds blow, it’s going to be felt.

Plus, there’s no way I’m going to miss watching Richard Simmons getting run over in the dead of night by something (if GMA can be believed that is).

Fuck the Patriots. Let’s go Big Blue. HAHAHA. Greatest Super Bowl ever. They’re popping champagne in Miami tonight.

Damn it! Not only did the Pat’s not win, but Simmons still lives. HEADS SHALL ROLL!! Starting with Sarah Connor’s. :suckah:

At least the game was worth watching though. Three turnarounds in the fourth with the Giants ahead at :35 = win.