<table><tr><td>Mr. T’s birthday was last week, suckas. </td><td bgcolor="#ffffff"><img src=“” hight=“150” width=“125”></tr></td></table>

I pity da foo who doesn’t wish Mr. T a happy birthday!

(BTW, cute avvie, Trill.)

Mr. T is an american icon…he’s the greatest.

Why does everyone mock Mr T AKA Barret?

Uh, dude, nobody’s mocking either of them.

You don’t mock Mr. T. You NEVER mock Mr. T.

He gets a cookie!

He’s so cool he’s got his own AIM bot.

He’s the T. He’s got the gold, the hairstyle, the throwing, the look. He’s… just… T. An icon for all time.

Does anyone have the pics from FFT where they put Mr.T in it and instead of Lich they made it The Van and it had a status screen and his armor was like gold chains and weapon was dont got none sucka! I found them a long time ago it would be really awesome of anyone has them.

Trill you’re FIRED since you didnt get this to us before last week. Go ahead and clean out your desk. You need to be off property within the hour. Have a nice day and thank you for shopping at Kroger. I mean uh…Wal-Mart.