FMA: Brotherhood

First ep came out today. Was great.

I just saw it myself.

It seems they’re doing a full reboot, instead of picking up at the point the old series really split from the manga. Though it looks like they’re quickly glossing over redundant events (Maes meeting the Elric brothers, for instance) and adding in enough original stuff to keep it interesting.

While this should be pretty good, I’m only going to get REALLY interested once it passes the point where the old series split from the original material.

Otherwise, the new opeing song is catchy, and the animation is good. Plus the first episode had freaking Armstrong, so it’s not possible to hate.

Aren’t they going to be streaming this from the official website soon? (Answer: Yes, the ad at the top of the page says April 9th!) I’d rather wait for that…

Apparently they are, but I never learned of that until after I found the episode… elsewhere.
I’ll probably take a look at the official sub too, and stick to that from next week on.

That’s good to know as I was wondering where to go to watch this.

But out of curiosity, are any of the other shows this season doing the same thing?

I thought it was odd that they didn’t start with Lior, though it seems they plan on speeding through the old stuff. They absolutely need to cover the start (next chapter), Lior, training with Izumi, Scar, 5th research lab, Greed and Hughes… Tucker may or may not be optional, so It’ll probably be at least close to 15-20 chapters unless they speed through it real fast.

Awesome opening though.

I just hope it follows the manga more closely and doesn’t end the same way as the first one did. That was ok, but I think it could do much better.

The entire point of this is that it’s going to follow the manga.
I haven’t read the manga, but I really loved the story in the anime. Hopefully the alternate storyline is just as powerful.

You mean ‘hopefully the ORIGINAL storyline is just as powerful’, the anime is the alternate. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I really enjoyed the FMA anime, the ending it had never sat right with me. It wasn’t bad, per se, but I always thought it could’ve been better.

Then I learned the manga was different, past a certain point, and had still been going all that time. So I quickly caught up on it.

I can say at this point I enjoy the manga’s story far more. I really can’t wait to see some parts from it animated, it should be great.


Good job.
Its already started out differently :stuck_out_tongue:
All I meant was that I hope it stays true and doesn’t try to put in any bullshit filler. It can stay close to the manga, but there’s always the chance of some filler.

Filler is fine as long as it’s entertaining filler, like this first episode.

Chances are they’re going to change a few things in the parts leading up to the main ‘split’ between the manga and anime, since all of that was ALREADY animated pretty faithfully. As SE said, though, there’s a handful of things they’ll need to include, but I’d expect to see some new stuff as well.

If they plan on going faithfully, “filler” will probably only happen like it did just now. This chapter wasn’t completely filler per se, the plot might have been made up but they did use it to cram practically 2/3ds of the cast’s introduction and essential backstory. I just kinda wonder what’ll they do about Lior now, since this is exactly what those chapters were for.

Past Hughes, there’s so much shit to cover they can easily go on all they need.

Filler isn’t necessarily bad. Look at Bleach, where the filler is generally better than the main story. 8p But even in something like FMA, I can’t see how you could dislike filler; it’s not going to be like thirty episodes, it’ll be one or two, and then it’ll keep going with what it’s doing.


Ok, I’m mostly being facetious here, we’ve done this song and dance already.

Point is, though, I wouldn’t expect the filler that the new FMA will have to be that bad. Especially once they pass the point where the split previously occured. Like SE said, there’s just so much new material past that point (and with the manga approaching the end there’s no fear of the anime catching up to it) that they just won’t NEED to resort to filler, at least not to pad out time anyway.

I note that saying Bleach’s filler is terrible in no way contradicts my statement that it’s better than the main story. (OOH!)

I never actually saw the Bleach fillers, but the blonde loli somehow factored in to create a scene where Kenpachi is having a tea party with a bunch of children, so whatever is bad about it, it can’t be worse than endless streams of KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!! KUROSAKI-KUN!!

With the way it’s been going, no argument here. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll see if I revise my opinion after this current plague of an arc is over.

Has the anime reached the Espada yet?

Can’t wait to see Ling animated along with Fu-he and Lan.

Oh yeah, long ago. It’s currently just wrapped up the Pendulum arc (the only time in a long time where it was actually really interesting), and after the last two filler episodes it’s starting up with the Karakura brawl.

I gotta agree with you Crotanks, I can’t wait til they bring in Ling and the others, they are just really cool. And I also can’t wait to see how they do all the characters up at Briggs too. I’m so happy they did this series, and really just want to see how this is all going to turn out.

I just read all the manga recently, so it is nice having some idea where they are going to be going. And also know all the subtly little story points, that will slowly be revealed in the anime.