Flash Game.

Click me!

Click it. It helps release rage.

funny stuff, bagged me 30 pikas

Only 30? I got off about 160.

I remember playing this a while ago. It’s still fun.

49 here… Man I suck.

Pretty boring.

Yea, thats pretty easy. I gave up after I got 83 on my first round.

I got like 60 something before it crashed or something. Wasn’t all too interesting.

Play Castle.

Originally posted by Epicgamer
Play Castle.

Tell me, is this game supposed to be hard? I’m at level six, and not one enemy has attacked by castle yet. Well, except that one guy, but I didn’t know you could only convert one guy at a time!

Castle is pretty boring. It gets really repetitive.

Both of those games are about as exciting as watching grass grow. And we’re talking about slowly growing grass.

Lets paint some grass and watch it dry and grow. Or would the paint stop the grass growing? Who knows?

Damn, paying castle hurts your wrist after a while. But it was not that bad, unless you count being VERY repetive boring.

It only hurts if you drag violently, just a sharp tug up will kill guys easily.