Flames... come one, come all

Ok, flame this, hate this, call it trash… I’m pissed off so the one way to release my anger is through this. Writing… (of coruse, you can like it too ya’ know. :wink: )

Fighting for Hope

With the cold touch that kisses my cheeks,
I feel nothing.
The fight that I once had is now dieing,
I’m losing.

I could feel the hate, the pain, the sarrow, and the anger.
But still, I fought on, I shined brightly in hopes of one to come and help me.


Why did I fight? Why am I here? To help one in need? To cheer other’s who are in pain or saddness? The cheery spirit I have is still here. My want is to help other’s. My need is to make others happy. My desire, is to be there for others. I’ve relised that now…

Rather I’m needed or not, I’ll always be CHris-chris. The carefree spirited girl of fourteen. I’ll still have hope and my belifes, my happiness. Even if you hate me more than anything on this planet, I’ll still respect you. I have one thing that I’m hangin on to, and that is hope.

Always have hope.

Ok… so maybe that doesn’t fit all together but, meh.

If you want me to flame it, you’re talking to the wrong person, girl :slight_smile: Now, I have no idea why you feel that we should hate you, or your stuff, because I highly doubt that there’s anybody here who feels that way. hugs CC

No, not really, but you said to call it trash.

Is it supposed to be a poem, it doesn’t seem quite right. There isn’t really much there, seems mostly to be a loose gathering of thoughts. The mood swings pretty drastically, and that hurts the cohesion too. I’m guessing, though, that this was more of a get it out and have it said kind of thing anyway.

Ya, and anyway Chrissy don’t do that, people will genuinly flame you if you ask. And it’s okay to be pissed off. Hugs teh Chris-chris too

is hugged well, it’s my way of letting my anger out :slight_smile: not anything really, more like a note to self thing.

Writing is a great way to let anger out. The world would be a better place if more people realized that :slight_smile:

Letting out your rage is good, Chris. Especially if it reaches the point where your skin turns green, you double in mass, and your speech is reduced to such things as “Chris SMASH!”

And it wasn’t that bad of a poem, either.

Well I see its a rush job, because it hasn’t been spell checked, its still better than anything I could come up with. Its aight’.

hugs Chrissy

Cheer up. Everything moves on. Believe me, this much I know.:kissy:

I don’t see how we could flame that :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean, the spelling is a bit off, but not much, and it doesn’t really affect anything anyway.

That rocks :stuck_out_tongue:
gives Chrissy a hug too

Originally posted by pokefreak_85
I don’t see how we could flame that :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that sarcasm? Because I see some points where I <b>could</b> but won’t. Anyway, nice.

not bad, but it’s a good thing to express yerself like that,
i’ve got almost 100 of those, most of them suck but there are some i really like and i personally think it’s good, so here it is


survive the madness inside your mind
then you find you hate yourself
it’s all meant for something
except for your meanings

do I believe in your god?
I’m laughing inside
for nothing

Expand your senses inside your head
then you find you hate yourself
it’s on the hands of godfiend
except for my soul

Do I believe in your god?
I’m laughing inside
for nothing

brainshakes terrorize your conscience
crucify the jesus you hail
it’s all just a miscalculation
your own god, miscalculation

chris-chris loves being hugged :slight_smile: But anyways, yeah I know it was rushed and a few spelling errors but come on… I’m Chris-chris, I suck at spelling. ;p :hahaha;

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Why would anyone want to flame this? It’s not bad.
Besides, we all need to vent sometimes.