Flame Warriors!


There’s also a dude on DeviantArt who’s in the process of making all the user types on DA:

I wonder which of them I am.

I’ve been a rebel leader a couple times, and now I’m an archivist/android/occasional philosopher

I’m a Lurker, of course. 8)

I would like to say right now that if anyone is ever attacked by a ‘big dog,’ the proper response is to impale him on a stop sign. I really hope someone gets that reference.

Also, I’m somewhat of an evil clown.

I am probably an eagle scout, with a touch of artiste, grammarian, and perhaps even royal.

Awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done the Therapist bit sometimes, I’m sure as hell an Archivist and Philosopher, a bit of a Howler and I’d like to believe that I (sometimes) do a liiiiiiitle bit of the Eagle Scout, but the one that I feel more attached to is the Big Cat.

Wanna bet who I thought about when I saw Loopy, Bong and Garble?

I wonder who was the Godfather of the ToB?

I’ve seen this before, but it seems he made the site a lot nicer to look at.


I think I’ve been the Big Cat, Jekyll and Hyde and Lurker,.

Val was! :smiley:

Ah, those again.

I’m obviously whatever the coolest one is

So what am I BM1? Hmm?

You, old chap, are English

I’m probably 3/8ths “Lurker.”

Yeah, you’re part lurker with 4k posts. Sure var. Sure.

I am kickass

I’ve seen this before too, but they’re STILL funny- and on target!

I am an Eagle Scout- or at least, I try to be. I fear, tho, that I may be a Yuk Yuk as well. :hahaha;

:fungah: -What was your first clue? humph

Yes, but I dunno how I got most of them. :smiley: