Fix me dinner!

I have a small bag of potato(e)s, a little carton of mushrooms, and a red onion in my produce drawer, and I need to make some sort of dish out of these things.
I’ve got a very limited spice cabinet, and some of the basic items (flour, sugar, butter, oil, eggs, milk). The three veggie items seem like they could go together, but I’ll be damned if I know how, any ideas?

  1. Cut the potato & onion & mushroom (all finely chopped except the latter) and fry em.(you do have a frying pan!?)Add salt maybe…(use butter instead of oil)

  2. Mix half cup of milk(eyeball it) and 2 eggs (bust the yolk), add little salt into mixture. Then fry the mixture.

  3. put #1 on plate and then cover it up with #2, add Ketchup and you have a…eh…omelet wannabe?

Get a cookbook perhaps?

I’ve got one, but you can’t really look up “What can I make out of this crap in my fridge” :stuck_out_tongue:
This is more fun anyway.

I don’t know if that would work Kostellano, I would think the potato(e)s would cook far slower than the onion and mushrooms. (And yes I have a frying pan, although I’m not too big on frying everything)

In that case all I can say is experiment like a mo’fo.

Give them to Nessa and say, and I quote, “Fix me dinner, woman.” Thirty minutes later, dinner.

That doesn’t work outside of regions where we can’t back up our arguments with our belts 984. :stuck_out_tongue:

You talkin’ back, boy? Don’t make me take off my belt.

Ooooooh. :kissy:

Please, CH, don’t make him do that. His pants might fall down, and that’s embarrassing!

On topic though, is there a website somewhere that’s the kitchen equivalent of Virtual Bar, where you check off what you have and get a list of ideas based on that? That would be cool.

edited to be nice. :smiley:

Uh…I agree with the fying thing but cook the potatoes in a seperate fyring pan (Or whatever) and put them together when they’re both done.

Shut up whore, and make your own damned dinner.

If you happen to have rice, those would go great in a stir-fry.

But if there’s no rice, I suggest chopping up the onion, mushrooms, & potatos and fry those with eggs, and as for the 'taters, chop 'em up and boil 'em . :smiley:

You best be glad we just done banned them acts here in Georgia.

Dude, a potatoe isn’t a meal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know if i am too late, but why not go out and get a breast of chicken? As you defrost the chicken, cut up the onion, and turn on your over to ~450. Place the now defrosted chicken on a tray (with aluminum foil for easier clean up), and place the cut up onion on top of the chicken, and around.

Once the chicken is through cooking, pull out the tray, and take the onions off of the top of it. Throw the onions away. Cut the fat off the chicken, and place it on your plate. Then sprinkle some of the mushrooms on top, for added…uh, taste? (i hate mushrooms ;P). Pour the milk as your drink.

As for the potatoe, cook it anyway you like. You could easily bake it at the same time you are baking the chicken, and then use the butter and salt on the potatoe.

But really, you need to get some meat in there. There really isn’t something you can make with just a potatoe and onions, though maybe you can bake the potatoe and place the onions inside as it cooks for some flavor? And if you do buy some chicken and feel adventurous, use the oil, flour, and eggs to fry your chicken.

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A potatoeoe is absolutely a meal, although I’m going to add an onion and mushrooms to it, making it an absolute feast. And I can’t afford luxurious like meat, don’t be ridiculous.

Take the mushrooms, do em. 30 minutes to a half hour later, you should find yourself at some crappy fast food joint. Simple enough.

You don’t have to necesarily combine all three. :stuck_out_tongue: Try this.

  1. Mash the potatoes, or bake it, whatever you want :smiley:

  2. cut up and saute the onion :smiley:

  3. You could also saute the mushrooms if you cut them into halves; otherwise, you could dice and it becomes kinda like a topping or spice. The only problem with that is, it normally goes good on meat or pizza, which if you had either one of them I bet you wouldn’t have made this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

So there you go, it’s like a dish at a restaurant almost! Mashed/Baked Potatoes with a side of saute’d onions (and mushrooms, maybe). :smiley:

Yeah, I’d make latkes and sautee the onions and mushrooms on the side like SG said.