Five hundred and forty million,1280,-4184315,00.html

… O_o;


As far as I’m concerned, that’s the biggest drug bust I’ve seen.

Holy bajebus. That IS the biggest drug bust I’ve ever seen.

The article did say it was the biggest one in the southern hemisphere. What’s the world record o_O? I don’t think I’m capable of grasping the full meaning of this bust or how much drugs this really is or the market/social presence this factory had.

If it didn’t break the record, well… I’m scared.

Fiji?!? Now that is literally way out in left field.


Oh…my…god. That’s the biggest drug bust I’ve ever heard of in my sixteen years of living on the planet Earth. That’s scary…

And it’s only a scratch.

You got that right.

Right-field. >_>

You guys forgetting the world’s round? It could be in the middle. Who gives a shit?

Holy fuck, that’s awesome.


Holy Shit!

Like … dude!

Yeah, I mean, like, dood!

That’s an awful lot of meth.

It had to be Fiji.
Silly Fiji.
Silly drugdealers too!

Woha, money! o_O Riiich people… Ick.