First RIAA, now BNI!

Apologies if anyone’s already posted this; I didn’t see it if they have.

I got a message just now, while I have KazaaLite downloading anime, that claimed to be from the British Phonographic Industry (which I initially misread as ‘pornographic’ ^^’ Go figure), and basically told me to stop sharing any music files. It wasn’t personalised - more like a mass mailed message, but it seemed literate and feasible so I google-searched it. The only music files I have on my comp are obscure, foreign tracks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else heard anything on this?

Uh, wouldn’t it be “BPI” and not “BNI”?

BNP maybe? >_>

I’ve never gotten anything like this. Anyone have any information about whether the BPI are adpoting an RIAA-like policy?

I read on some Newsweek some weeks ago that european associations were preparing to do to european file sharers the same things RIAA is doing in US.

Yea, the BNP is probably for England, like the RIAA is for the US.

Eithe way, it’s still a load of crap. They like to act like we’re making them poor, when they make millions of dollars every other week. Besides, I haven’t heard any bands/artists bitching or whining.

Doesn’t Metallica ring a bell to you, Peter?

Arrr. I forgot about that whole Metallica/Napster incident.

Leave me alone. I hate you. =(

It doesn’t matter anyway. Most of the file sharers have begun to migrate to lesser-known networks and programs, while the RIAA loses money every time they go to trial as they become an international laughingstock. In other words, their plans are doomed to failure.