First Post

Mine, Mine I say.

Or at least until Zero uploads the backup.

I don’t think there will be any uploading of the backups. Which sucks. there was alot of good stuff in here.

DN, is the other ROTD board up?

not until next weekend when Merlin has the time to set up the protocals again.

Hey I was wondering I finally learned how to make a character in DnD, and I was wondering when your games are… In IRC.

I’m trying to get all my players back right now after being away for the last 7 weeks. My game is generally on Tuesday & Thursday nights

count me in, I need chracter sheets though

I’d like to join your groups, if it’s alright.

Hmmmm, so may offers. I have to find out where I stand with my absent players first.
I do have about 15 players right now that play off and on in my campaign. I could start a side campaign though starting in a different city.

hmhmmmmmmmm, the current party is heading into the underdark . . . . . . . maybe I could start a party of underdark characters that encount the original party after awhile. but I don’t know if i can handle over 20 players in one campaign or battle :eek:

We’ll see what happens.

I actually talked to Fae to see if she was coming back, but I don’t think she is. She said she’s too busy with MUSHing :O. I think her internet access might be limited too, because she lives with Tannin now. Here, I logged the gist of it:

[Faetan] I guess so! I’m at Tannin’s…PERMANENTLY! Ah ha ha ha ha!
[Ezboarder] Fae, does this mean you’ll be back in DN’s game? :open_mouth:
[Faetan] Probably not, I’m too addicted to MUSH! :wink:
[Ezboarder] Awwww, you’re gonna make DN cry ;_;
[Ezboarder] =P

So yeah, I think we lost two characters now.

:eek: :frowning:
That 3 we lost. Fae, Tannin, and Kagon.

What about the rest of my players???

I’m still in, unless you decide to kill this game off (which I kind of hope you don’t).

So can I join? Please?

show up tonight in #ADnD and we can talk :kissy:

Originally posted by Dragon Ninja
:eek: :frowning:
That 3 we lost. Fae, Tannin, and Kagon.

MUSHes are that darn addictive…I guess having no set or enforced dates help, log on and go wherever/whenever you feel like it.

Originally posted by Dragon Ninja
show up tonight in #ADnD and we can talk :kissy:

Any specific time you want?

make it Tuesday at 8:30 EST

I went out and actually had a good time for the first time in 5 years. Yay!! Real Life Rulz!!!