First post.

Sorry. I had to.

Sin spammed, sweet. Very low level spam, but it’s still not something you see everyday.

Cool new forum!

Will Eva finish VP this month? Let’s take bets!

“I concur”
I remember hoping everone was confused by me…

I’ll make sure she does. 8)

The real question is, will I get off my lazy ass, and go reserve .hack//INFECTION, and/or Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance by sending an e-mail to Hiryuu.

Don’t bother, if you’re having trouble sending a bloody email you won’t finish the shrine itself.

I sent multiple e-mails to Hiryuu. What’s that mean?

You are insecure in your sexuality and also not Setz.

Go re-read the forum rules, now, Sin. If I see you jump out of line like this again, you’re fucking banned. I will not hesistate to deliver a hearty pimpslap of justice on your god damn ass. Consider yourself warned. I won’t repeat myself again.

Sin is Setz in disguise now?

The best one was when someone posted before I did. Then I deleted their post and replaced it with mine, so I’d be first.

And Setz, don’t even bother :P.

And SG: C-

Ah yes, Zero did that to someone in the ToB after the deletion.

hey guyz kan i get ff6 rom p[lzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my email iz here <a href = "">lol</a>


I’m not going to bother, until I get Hiryuu’s e-mail. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Well, 'cept on the Join Page, but I can’t find it anymore.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out his email address though. Look for a pattern…

Well, since all the staff have @RPGClassics in their e-mail, most of them, I guess it’s

Yep. Best of luck to you.