First post here too!


There are two first posts…

How to settle this?

You do what I did on Faetan’s board: you delete conflicting threads 8D

Zero deleted my first post from when the ToB came back too.

Glory hog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zero R teh Dev0l.

Zero rules all, along with Sin and Merl. But we all know Kagon is the real ruler over them.

We demand proof!

Are those BBQ?
mmm peanuts Is bought into silence

Boo Zero. BOO I say!

Originally posted by Kagon
Boo Zero. BOO I say!

Don’t you Boo my daddy!

I think he can Val, he’s RPGC dark lord after all.

Zero is eviler than Kagon…He is the REAL Dark Lord…

Well who wants to be the Dark Lord?

It’s my job to regularly… uhm… violate them.


O.O…I vote Zero.