First phantom images!

<a href=“”>If by images, you mean, another batch of 3d models.</a>

How interesting. I vaguely remember hearing they had a booth at E3 or something? It’ll be good to see whether they turn/turned up.

I remember an article about this, awhile back. People were suspecting an “elaborate hoax”? Since they’re gonna be at E3, I guess this thing’s for real… Dunno what to think of it yet though.

I submit that just because they’re at E3 doesn’t mean anything. I mean, out of curiosity, has Duke Nukem Forever been at E3, at any point in time? :3

I would bet money on ‘yes’. And yeah, E3 is gonna be real good this year, in a showdown kinda way. :smiley:

You got this from my link, which I stole from PA. YOU ARE FIRED TOPIC MAKER!
Also, Infinium is owned by the head guy touting the Phantom’s (cant remember name) mom. It’s kinda funny in a sad sad little way.

Looks like an A/C unit.
Maybe it is an A/C unit?


They should call it the Phantom Armaggeddeon, so it’ll be like Duke Nukem Forever and Star Ocean: Til The End of Time, which both get their names of how long it’ll take before they’re actually released. :smiley:

Air conditioner?

You do know that’s a retarded statement right? Since SO is already out in Japan. SO:Till the End of Time DIRECTOR’S CUT isnt out yet, and that’s what we here in NA will get.

And it does!